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GAGA Ball Pit

GAGA Ball Pit

    • Actual Size: 26’ diameter octagon
    • Setup Area: 30 ft x 30ft diameter
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: All ages

    • $299.00
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The Benefits of Playing Gaga Ball and Why Kids Love It

There are so many reasons kids love Gaga Ball, and it is a favorite activity at schools, rec centers, camps, in scouting programs, and more. Beyond the fact that it is entertaining, playing Gaga Ball has a number of important benefits:

  • The fast pace of the game means kids are staying active and healthy. It is an easy way to keep kids exercising without calling it exercise!
  • The game helps kids develop their hand-eye coordination and reaction times, which will serve them well in many other sports and activities as they grow.
  • Gaga Ball is easy for children of all ages to learn and master, making it an inclusive experience and one that large groups can enjoy with mixed athletic abilities.
  • Gaga Ball is a safer activity than dodge ball, with players only hit by the ball below the waist (or the knee).